Country prosecutors ask for help tracking down prerecorded fraudulent calls


The National Association of United States Attorneys General (NAAG, for its acronym in English) sent a Letter to request the help of telecommunications companies in the investigation of illegal prerecorded calls.

Prerecorded calls are called robocalls in English and are being used by fraudsters for criminal activity.

The term comes from the words robot (program that performs specific tasks) and call (call) to indicate that the robocall They are prerecorded, automated, and developed by computerized systems automatically.

The Federal Trade Commission, received more than 3.7 million complaints about criminal prerecorded calls in . The most common were:

  • Scam artists posing as government agencies and other agencies.
  • Those of medical affairs.
  • Those that claimed to offer debt reductions.

For this reason, NAAG member prosecutors have sent a letter to USTelecom, the country’s official association of telecommunications companies, to improve technological support to track and identify these illegal prerecorded calls.

Requesting Database

The objective of involving US Telecom is to ask companies belonging to the association to design an online system to collect real-time data from pre-recorded calls, using information from telecommunications operators and blocking robocalls.

The collected data will be sent to government entities that may issue restriction orders to stop prerecorded calling campaigns and will carry out other actions electronically.


Attorneys general, federal agencies, and companies in the telecommunications industry met in to agree actions against robocalls.

The meeting held in Washington, D.C. concluded by establishing as a priority the identification of mobile service providers that originate or accept robocalls illegal, automatically increase the tracking of these calls, among other measures.


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